LM - Alaska Motors Competition - 2009

Here is my contribution to the LM competition.
I would have prefer to develop the 1st direction, but I read to quickly the brief, this won't have worked on the different types of terrain of the race (snow + ice + rock).
I tried some renderings with the dear hatching technique - it's been a while - and few photoshop (like the brief asked)...

Elected "Designer of the week" on Monkee Design

Thanks ! I have been elected : "Designer of the week" (W47th) on the Monkee Design website ! Click on the picture to know more about it... or not.

"Le lieu du DESIGN" Show

Great news ! My degree project has been selected by "Le lieu du design" for their inauguration on the 21st of october 2009. Thanks to RENAULT for providing me these videos that will be presented for the show.

RENAULT IPY20 - 2008

One year ago...
[3D model realized by Guillaume DESRE from RENAULT]

Drawings published on SIMKOM !

It is a great honor to see some of my drawings on this awesome sketchsite : http://www.simkom.com/sketchsite/ ! Thanks a lot !